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Let's Misbehave! is an otome-style visual novel set in the late 1920s. Think of Gatsby parties, the thrill of sneaking into speakeasies during the Prohibition, dancing the Charleston late into the night and misbehavin' while the world's in slumber. Our press kit can be found here.

The story follows Gilda Hart (renameable), a young woman recently divorced and in possession of a handsome alimony. Such wealth seems to attract the attention of many in this world of glitz and glamor, including but not limited to celluloid stars, foreigners with classy airs and more! Our girl Gilda loves adventure and fun as much as the next person—and two can play that game, she decides. Does she manage to look beyond the smoke screens to find the men's true intentions, or will she be taken for a ride? The decision rests in your hands! 

If you like what we are doing, please consider donating to our ko-fi! You can keep up with development either though my Twitter or by checking the #lmvn hashtag on Twitter.

  • A rich, immersive game experience consisting of 13,000+ words (demo only)
  • Enjoy one-on-one scenes with our 3 love interests
  • Renameable main character (additional customization features + sprite expressions to be added with future updates)
  • Original OST
  • Partial voice acting

   Writer— illegalileo (twitter) (itch.io)
   Editor— Elysian (twitter)
   Narrative Consultant— Flor (twitter) (itch.io)
   Beta Reader— Leporine (twitter) (itch.io)

   Sprite design — Annie
   Sprite artist—skai2blue4u (twitter) (itch.io)
   Logo design— lunamakaio (twitter) (itch.io)
   Chibi art— Rei (twitter)
   Background artists— inkcaparts (twitter)
   UI— MarySueGames (twitter) (itch.io)

   Composer— Pyr (twitter) (itch.io) (carrd), music from Uppbeat https://uppbeat.io/t/giulio-fazio/lulu-swing. License code: 00CPUJYP2OSQSOZQ
   VA director, audio engineer— lunamakaio (twitter) (itch.io)

   Coder— Sofia, lunamakaio (twitter) (itch.io

  Gilda— Rita Amparita (twitter) (website)
  Nils— Benera Sherman (twitter)
  Roy— Max Herzfeld (linktree) (twitter)
  Angelo— Nick Monteleone (twitter)
  James— Brandon P. Jenkins (twitter)
  Elsie— Hannah Beard (twitter) (website)
  Cherry— Jenna Rose (twitter) (website)


letsmisbehave-1.1-pc.zip 93 MB
letsmisbehave-1.1-mac.zip 88 MB

Development log


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How old is gilda supposed to be 😅 she looks 60

Haha, she was missing her 10 step skincare routine 😅

Thank you for stopping by nonetheless, haha! 


That cliffhanger! Omg! Great work, can't wait for more!


Thank you so much for your kind words!

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This game was a fantastic time from start to finish. Gilda is exactly the kind of MC I love- mentally I'm sliding her a gin rickey and asking her for her life's story to tide me over until the game updates! That said, each character brings something unique to the table; sure, they all engage in (universally fantastic) back-and-forth with Gilda, but their personalities felt so distinct, and created a fascinating cast across the board.

The art and music definitely bring a shine to this game as well! Every aspect feels so well loved and researched. I found myself smiling at the voice acted volleys and backing tunes in equal measure, when I wasn't ogling the UI or character art. I may or may not have had to roll back a few times because I was distracted by said art- hardly a loss, considering the quality of the voice acting involved. I could listen to them talk all day!

Romance wise I'm going to have a tough time choosing which route to pursue first when the full game releases, but if I absolutely had to choose right now, Roy would win by a hair. I'm a sucker for playboys I get to turn the tables on, and I loved seeing that other side of him during the stage scene. Plus, he's just so gorgeous. Not that I'd let him know this early in the game! 🤭

I greatly look forward to the continuation of the story (the ending! I gasped out loud!), but for now I just want drinks with everyone- and one of those famous cakes, if I can sneak a piece away.


Aww, this feedback has me grinning from ear to ear. Thank you so, so much! Gilda would be more than happy to chatter away over a drink or two—and all her friends would too, no doubt! I'm sure we can sneak in a famed slice of that pineapple upside down cake, hehe.

Roy has so much of charm, I'm so glad to see it working on someone haha! But you're so right, best not to let him know just yet 🤭

Thank you so much once again—and I hope that our future little O2A2 offering may help satisfy a wee bit of that craving 🌼


I really enjoyed this! It was charming from the get-go and hooked me with great characterisation and vibrant 1920s setting (I'm a fan of anything historical.) There are a lot of great tasteful choices made here, from the GUI design with its limited palette to the writing voice and integration of 1920s slang in contexts well-primed for modern players. The use of the backgrounds was simple but effective, and while different from the character art style, still conveyed each location nicely.

I'd be excited to know if there are plans for sprites of James, Elsie, and Cherry down the line! It's lovely to see those supporting characters be so prominent and fleshed out (especially featuring a constructive relationship between ex-partners) even in the short span of the demo.

I was already looking forward to the voice acting and it very much enhanced the story, complementing the delicate art style and character chemistry. They all sounded distinct and fitting, and I want to hear more of everyone!

Great work 💖

Your words and feedback are oh so darling, thank you so much! We will do our best to work diligently and bring more to you, for sure 💖

All our sprites will actually be redone, as the sprite artist who did the current sprites has not been able to continue due to unforeseen circumstances. The style is different, but we'll have sprites for all the characters mentioned and upcoming!


This is such a refreshing otome. I am excited to see what the full game will have! The time period is one of my favorites, the dialogue is so well written and the slang used well! I definitely am a fan of Nils, but all the love interests seem great! I also appreciate the MC. She has a really fun and spunky way about her. The art style is so nice and the music choices are well suited. Overall great work and I can tell a lot of love and care went into this demo! 

This feedback is absolutely everything, thank you so much!

The time period lends itself to so much good worldbuilding, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give it a try! Another one for Camp Nils 🌼

Thank you so much once again, feedback is so appreciated and we love you for taking the time to comment! 

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I'm sorry to write this and I don't want to insult anyone but Gilda looks like she's 44 years old, no way she's 24.
The guys on the other side look gorgeous and their age


Haha, the divorce took a real toll on her 😂

Jokes aside, super valid! We will actually be having new sprite art for our full game, but thank you nonetheless for stopping by our little corner✨


fun! I enjoyed getting to know our cast in the demo:) the artwork is really stunning- particularly the depiction of fabric caught my eye. Cheering your team on + thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much—and I will definitely pass on the compliments to our artists!


janeeyyyy i finally got the chance to just sit down and read everything and honestly let me just say, i know i've been thirsting for angelo this entire time but Nils is growing on me xD

listen i know i'm part of prod but i am also here to send ALL MY LOVE AND SUPPORT TO MY FRIENDS AND THEIR AWESOME WORK.


I totally get it—when you are part of the production vs seeing the final product makes the world of difference! 

NILS WINNING EVERYONE OVER 🥺🥺🥺 this wouldn’t have happened without you, Skai, thank you so much!! 

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This game just oozes class from every pore! I'm not very familiar with the 1920s, but it was so interesting being immersed in this world! I had the dictionary open on another screen, and I loved being introduced to all of the period-specific vocab. 

The characters are written beautifully. Gilda is such a strong and unique MC; you rarely get older otome MCs, especially not ones that are divorcees. I love that she's very mature and has a backbone, and I appreciated that she's still on good terms with her ex-husband even though they broke it off. 

Each of the LIs was so intriguing, and they were all very different! My favorite was Nils, as I loved how comfortable Gilda was with him and their slightly playful but friendly relationship. Roy came off as a bit too much of a flirt as first, but it was so fun watching Gilda turn the tables on him, and I ADORED his second scene, as it added so much depth to his character. Angelo is a affably rough and tumble self-made man. I snorted at his confidence when he proposed marriage to Gilda for business purposes. I also grew to like him more and more as we continued to talk to him, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it ends up. I really appreciated how there were two scenes with each LI that showed us such different sides of each; the second scenes for all three made me much more intrigued by each of their characters and hinted at their inner conflicts.

The game is very polished in its technical aspects, as well. The VAs are GREAT, and there are so many voiced lines that it's almost like the entire thing is voiced. The GUI is absolutely GORGEOUS, and I love how luscious the sprites look - it really suits the decadence of the time period. The music tracks were also very catchy and fitting!

The dialogue is FANTASTICALLY written, and Gilda's banter with her LIs was so fun to read. I really felt immersed in the time period! And lastly, SPOILERS, but that cliffhanger? What a twist!

This game was so fun, and I can't wait to see where it goes next! 

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I genuinely wish I could print this and just pin it to my brain absolutely forever, because this comment is just everything???? Thank you so, so much for taking the time to give your honest and thoughtful feedback to every part of the production! It makes us so happy to hear it, because the team put in so much care and attention to every part of this—and with it being a historical setting, everyone really had to go above and beyond: I’m just beyond happy that it all reflected properly!

I will be so happy to bring you the full game, you bet! The ending was a bit rude, even for my standards, but we will work hard to make sure it isn’t one for too long! Once again thank you so, so very much! 


I am currently obsessed with Ominis from hogwarts legacy, so of course i became a big Nills fan lol, also curious about  Angelo, wonder what business proposal he might pitch...


Hehe, aw, I’m not familiar with Ominis but I’m glad he brought Nils to your attention! And oh, it would be telling of me if I let you know what Angelo will get up to 🤭

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! Means so much to us 💖✨


I'm intrigued by this, the setting is rare imo so I'm gonna keep my eye on this. Overall I love it the MC is a strong FL so it's a plus point from me

Aw, thanks a bunch! We love the love people have for our MC 💖✨


loved the music, and the art work is beautiful. I love history so a game set back in time is such a refreshing thing to see. I will say the voices fit spot on and have the emotion and flair in everything that is voiced, so great VA of choice. I do love the talk that fits the era nice job. To feel apart of that time I just love the feeling. Thank you. The game runs smoothly too had no issues. Are some of the characters that show as a black shadow is there a plan to have them as a image or always stay the shadow? Think so far Nils is my favorite didn't think he would be but I like him. 

This feedback is everything! Our team is so happy to hear every bit of it 💖 We do plan on having sprites for all our characters for the full release, but it may take some time (as we have quite a few to introduce during the main story too!).

Nils is quite the darling, so I’m glad he caught your attention! 


I really enjoyed the writing style. It makes the flapper era feel even more immersive. Great job to the team!! 

Thank you so much for your kind feedback! 

The premise seems interesting, Is there a demo available?


Hi! The demo will be available tomorrow (June 30) :)